Top 5 Square One Condos for 2015

Although the Absolute condos are shown in the main image for this article, they unfortunately don’t make this top 5 Square One condos list. Within downtown Mississauga there are many condos available and realizing which ones are the best can be difficult, especially for people who are new to the area. When looking at what makes these five condos the best, there are several factors that come into play. The most important is the Condo Aura and overall building reputation. Without a good condo atmosphere, your entire experience within the building will suffer. The condos within this list are meant to represent the top 5 Square One condos over several categories. It’s easy to see what the public rates for the top condos by visiting the Condo Reviews page and sorting the top condos based on user votes. However, getting an idea of top condos for families, entry price, or modern affordability has its own value and that’s what this article will cover.

top 5 square one condos Top 5 Square One Condos for 2015 top 5 square one condos 2015

The top 5 Square One condos for 2015 is not a definitive list in terms of actually stating the “#1” condo in the area, that would be too subjective. Rather it is a collection of 5 buildings that collectively form a solid palette of selection when browsing for your living option. To begin this grouping there is an appearance of a Parkside Village Mississauga condominium. This large scale development is nevertheless popular and will see many more buildings join its collection. The Grand Residences condo currently seems to be the most popular option. This is due the similarities between the other two buildings in the “Residences” collection; the Residences Condo and Park Residences Condo. The Grand Residences condo offers the tallest tower within downtown Mississauga following the Marilyn Monroe condos at 45 stories. The only foreseeable development that will top this height is the Pinnacle Grand Park 2 condo. The reason for including the Grand Residences condo in this list is due to the mix of affordability and features. The amenities here are unsurpassed with a total of 50,000 square feet of combined space offering gyms, a pool, wine tasting room, outdoor terraces and countless other forms of entertainment. The suites themselves are very accommodating featuring neutral finishes which allows for a carte blanche setup when it comes to décor styling. The most attractive aspect is the competitive pricing for both purchases and rentals considering this building is essentially brand new. For young professionals and people who aren’t too concerned about overly expansive square footage, the Grand Residences condo offers an excellent choice.

The City Gate condos make the Top 5 Square One condos for 2015 list due to the year over year reputation of the buildings. Built in 2006, the condominiums can be considered mid aged for the downtown Mississauga market, however they don’t seem to have aged a year. The common areas and reception lobby are up to date in terms of contemporary design and are always maintained to the utmost standards. Some of the units can feel dated when it comes to the finishes, but this always leaves room for upgrades and personalized customizations. The City Gate condos provide one of the best locations in the Square One condo market benefiting from the Precise Location Variable and maintain reasonable maintenance fees. At 3939 Duke of York, hydro tends to be included in the rental rates making it very attractive for individuals looking to lease. A good mix of families and young professionals inhabit this condo and it gives a modern lifestyle with the peace of mind provided by the years of successful presence.

The City One Condos make an appearance in the Top 5 Square One condos for 2015 list because they are excellent for a niche market group: first time buyers. First time buyers will be delighted at the entry level pricing offered by the City One condos and the low maintenance fees. Although built in 2004, the styling is up to par with any of the newer construction condos and quality is assured given the builder being Daniels. A full set of amenities such as gym, pool, hot tub, entertainment space and plenty of visitor parking make this condo ideal for guests and living a relaxed and typical 20-35 year old lifestyle. The condo units themselves provide great finishes and awesome views on the upper floors with the location being within walking distance to Square One Shopping Centre and everything else downtown Mississauga has to offer.

The Tridel Ovation Condos are some of the most iconic buildings for residents within the area. Everyone knows them based on the attractive waterfalls and raised vehicle court that welcomes you. As you step into the lobby you are greeted with a luxurious hotel atmosphere that instantly draws you into a unique condo experience. The reason the Ovation Condos have made an appearance on the Top 5 Square One condos for 2015 list is based on the versatility of the place. The condominiums here do tend to carry a premium in terms of price but for those individuals seeking luxury while being in the heart of downtown Mississauga, it is hard to top this condo development. Taking full advantage of the Precise Location Variable and offering a stunning selection of amenities ranging from a bowling alley to games room, class imbued entertainment suite and guest rooms. Built in 2004 this condo still feels modern and timeless, backed by quality workmanship from Tridel the demand for units here is high and you can expect to pay a higher price to reap the benefits of the lifestyle within.

Out of all the buildings on the Top 5 Square One condos for 2015 list, the Onyx Condo is definitely the most stylish. This building is the final piece of Davies-Smith‘s downtown Mississauga development that includes the previously mentioned CityGate condos. Being the final member of this project, the condo offers the latest design trends and finishes. As the nomenclature hints at, the entire décor palette is geared towards dark, luxurious, chic finishes to exude a stately yet clean, modern vibe. The suite layouts offer functional entertainment oriented setups and the lofts on the North side of the building provide a completely unique option. Many state that this is arguably the best Square One condo and once you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to think otherwise. The only drawback is the building is not great for those people seeking large and expansive suites on a budget. Offering a full set of amenities and unobstructed South-East views, this building is definitely the go-to choice for living the downtown Mississauga lifestyle to its maximum potential.

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This completes the brief look at the Top 5 Square One condos for 2015. This list has summarized condos that are well suited for various types of buyers or tenants. From condo buildings that offer stylish, modern suites, to entry level pricing, to slightly older, but more expansive and traditional units. The overall quality of these buildings is shown by the reputation that they have held for their tenure of existence. There are many, many other buildings to choose from and this article is not meant to take away any value from the others out there. Rather with the spring market just around the corner, it can provide a good base for you to begin your Square One condo research. Knowing that these buildings are considered stable and reliable provides an excellent starting point from which to branch out to other buildings and compare statistics, features and pricing. Of course, as always, our services are just a click or phone call away to guide you through every step.

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