Dog Parks close to Square One

As the Square One condo market and Downtown Mississauga continue to grow, the number of dog and pet owners grows with it. Most condominiums in the area are pet friendly with only a select few towers not allowing pets completely. The Square One area in general is great for dog owners as it provides plenty of pedestrian friendly areas to take the furry friends for walks. If you want to take your dog to a leash free area to socialize with friends and run around, there are a few options in Mississauga for dog parks close to Square One.

The Parkway Belt leash free dog park is number one when it comes to dog parks close to Square One. Located at Eglinton Ave W and Highway 403, this park is just a few minutes drive from the condominium core. It offers a nice, open play area situated on a hill. Because the park is not too large, it allows you to keep an eye on your dog and is perfect for new dog owners to acclimate to the environment. Friendly people and a nice atmosphere combined with close proximity to downtown Mississauga means Parkway Belt is a great option for Square One residents.

Lakeside Park is a bit of a drive from Square One as it’s located near the western border of Mississauga by Oakville. However, it is a great option for dogs. Many local dog walkers come here meaning you can expect it to be busy during most of the day. It is a large, open field that’s completely flat, meaning you will always have sight of your dog while playing. This leash free park also comes with a water fountain that’s open during summer months for easy water refills for the dogs. Situated by the lake, this leash free park is surrounded by trees and offers a truly serene setting.

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Jack Darling Memorial Park is a popular public park in general. It offers many lakeside trails, picnic areas, nature exploration sections, biking and rollerblading paths, splashpads and of course, a leash free dog park section. This is another dog park close to Square One condos and it is truly unique. The Jack Darling leash free park is massive. It is spread out among multiple levels, hills and forest patches with a main open area where most visitors start their journey. This open setup allows you to truly explore the area, climb on top of the water filtration plant, scale rocks and truly roam free. This dog park wouldn’t be ideal for novices to dog ownership as the sheer size can be tricky if your dog has poor recall.

This is one of the smaller dog parks close to Square One as it offers a flat and open area with a very simple design. Located right by Erin Mills Town Centre in Mississauga’s west end, the park is easy to get to via highway 403 from Square One. Having a simple design and smaller area means Quenippenon Meadows leash free is a good option for new dogs and owners.

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