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Centre I & Centre II Condos

Centre I & Centre II Condos

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Centre I & Centre II Condos Address

330 Rathburn Rd (L5B3Y1) / 350 Rathburn Rd (L5B3Y1)

The Centre I & Centre II condos in downtown Mississauga provide residents with a great place of living. Well kept condominiums, the Centre I & Centre II condos offer all the standard amenities combined with large suite layouts and remarkable central downtown location. These buildings provide great value for those needing extra space but with a location in the heart of the city.

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Centre I & Centre II Condos – 330 Rathburn Rd / 350 Rathburn Rd

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Centre I & Centre II Condos Summary

Builder: Tedley Homes




24 / 20

Management Company

Brookfield Property Management

  • 330 Rathburn Rd 905-275-3446
  • 350 Rathburn Rd 905-275-3446
  • Buy/Sell (647)-403-0483



  • 330 Rathburn Rd 905-279-6057
  • 350 Rathburn Rd 905-279-6057
  • Rent/Lease (647)-403-0483



  • PSCC / 417 – 330 Rathburn Rd
  • PSCC / 417 – 350 Rathburn Rd
Number of Buildings
1 Bedroom Start Price ($)
Maintenance Fee (Cents/PSF)
Construction Completion

Pets Restricted

This means pets allowed based on specific restrictions which can include type, size, weight, etc.

Included in Maintenance Fee

Central Air Condition / Building Insurance / Parking / Water / Heat / Hydro All Inclusive

Centre Condos Visitor Parking

Unlimited daytime parking available. Sign in through the Front Desk. Residents are limited to 10 overnight parking passes per month for their guests. Additional passes may be allowed through property management for specific situations. Additional spaces may be rented privately, available spots are usually posted near the mailboxes.

Centre Condos Elevator Booking

All elevator inquiries are organized via Front Security Desk. Elevator booking is done on a first come, first serve basis through a reservation form. A security deposit of $300 (three-hundred dollars) is required and payable to the condo corporation. If you are moving in this can be in the form of a personal cheque, moving out it must be certified. Cheque is returned if no damages are present. Availability (Moving or Delivery): Monday > Friday: 9:00AM – 9:00PM / Saturday: 9:00AM – 4:00PM / Sunday: Not Permitted

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A look at this Square One condo’s common areas and architectural atmosphere

Images courtesy of My Visual Listings


Living and recreation features in this Square One condo

The Centre I & Centre II condos at 330 and 350 Rathburn Rd offer residents a nice selection of amenities and relaxation options. A standard gym, pool and fitness centre as well as a central downtown location which provides for all imaginable forms of entertainment and convenience. Great, classic décor adds tastefulness to the Centre I & Centre II condos when mixed with the larger suites, makes them an excellent Square One condo choice.

  • Indoor Pool
  • Indoor/Outdoor Hot Tub
  • Gym
  • Home Theatre
  • Lounge / Party room
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Billiards
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Design Sample

Various suite designs and layouts within this Square One condo


Resident Information Not Yet Available


Schools within boundary of this Square One condo

Public Elementary

Queenston Drive | K1-G8

Public Secondary

Public French

Corsair PS | Immersion | G1-G5

Tomken Middle | Immersion | G6-G8

Applewood Hts | Immersion | G9-G12

Green Glade | Extended | G7-G8

Lorne Park SS | Extended | G9-G12

Catholic Schools

Father Michael Goetz | G9-G12

St Philip | Extended | G1-G8

Philip Pocock | Extended | G9-G12

Catholic French Immersion

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Specific Details

Higher level detailed information regarding this Square One condo


General area additions to this Square One condo

  • Centre I & Centre II condos offer large and spacious condo units
  • All Centre I & Centre II condos have balconies
  • Spectacular views of Square One downtown Mississauga
  • Heart of the city and steps from everything downtown Mississauga has to offer


Preventative measures and design

  • 24 hour concierge security at the Centre I & Centre II condos
  • Secured entrance points to Centre I & Centre II condo buildings
  • Voice interaction from Centre I & Centre II condos suites to entrance
  • Secured underground parking garage for Centre I & Centre II condos residents
  • Closed circuit television monitoring throughout the Centre I & Centre II condos
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Lifestyle organization and Square One condo details

Lifestyle Groups


Families need peace of mind. Great spaces for children, excellent amenities and a secure environment. Larger floor plans and building convenience all play a roll in orienting a building towards this lifestyle group.


Seniors look for security, accessibility and a stress free lifestyle. An environment of peace and tranquillity as well as amenities to suit their activities.


This group enjoys interacting with fellow residents. Amenities play a huge role as well as social gathering places such as terraces. A well designed, modern focus helps round out these buildings.

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